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When Kevin and I met, we were both self employed in different aspects of natural healing. Kevin owned an herb store in which he formulated and made available products for the patients of an ayurvedic naturopath. I had a massage and energy work practice. We were both successful in our personal businesses but wanted more. So in 1999 we merged our businesses and opened Center for Natural Healing. We were living in Maine at the time.

After 2 years in business in Maine, we moved to our current home, North Carolina. We chose to move to work with Gaia Herbs. For 10 years we handled the retail mail order part of their business and also lent a hand with customer support when needed. That certainly was a very privileged time in our new business lives; going to many Saturday evening dinners with Ric Scalzo, the owner and president. We learned so much from this amazing master herbalist during these wonderful dinners. We attended all of Gaia's lectures that we could and attended Medicines from the Earth symposium every year for many years.

Next was our journey into the field of bioenergetic medicine, a field of endless health possibilities based on the principles of quantum physics. After attending the International College of BioEnergetic Medicine, we were well equipped with a deep understanding on how the body operates and why.

Throughout these years, I was working as an intuitive until the disease which had been in my body since the early 90's decided too make itself known. It started with some muscle weakness that I noticed while doing yoga. Soon I could no longer chalk it up to “an off day" as my health rapidly declined. By 2014 I was in a wheelchair full time in constant, mind blowing pain. As my weight slipped down to 75 pounds, most including myself, assumed that I would soon be dead. With my immune system so suppressed. all blood work came back negative for Lyme which I intuitively knew I had. That year was filled with endless rounds of tests, baffled doctors, numerous emergency room visits but never with a hospital admission. Finally, aside from weekly vitamin IV's, I pulled away from conventional medicine and focused on treating the disease naturally. I started an herbal protocol and then discovered the wonders of nettle infusion. Within 3 weeks of drinking the nettle infusion daily, I was out of the wheelchair a lot of the time, and for the first time in several years, was able to cook, clean, and help around the house.

It was during this time that I received the unmistakable "God nudge" that our next step was to go to school to become certified clinical aromatherapists. Within several weeks we were enrolled in Aromahead Institute's Aromatherapy Certification Program.

Essentials for Healing is the evolving result of going to what we consider the best, most thorough school. Just as with all the products we sell in our practice, we search out and sell only the best of the best. This also holds true of Aromatics International, the company where we buy our essential oils and carriers. Aromatics International is dedicated to supporting small but amazing distillers all over the world. This provides us with therapeutic grade, batch tested essential oils.

With this now expanded tool chest, we are able to reach areas of concern in a way that we have never been able to offer before, and we are excited to service you and your healthcare goals.

So in closing, welcome to Essentials for Healing. We love our oils and the healing potential that they offer in so many areas of our lives. As we spend each day of our personal lives surrounded by these wonderful healing aromas, we invite you to experience the same.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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