Essential Oil Highlight: Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis var decumbens)

Hyssop plant
I have a friend who has her doctorate in psychology. The one thing that she teaches her clients are what she calls the two B’s—balance and boundaries. It was shortly after I began practicing this (I can tend to be a workaholic) that Kevin came across the essential oil, Hyssop.

Hyssop’s Strength
When used as an essential oil, Hyssop purifies and cleanses, awakens closed hearts inviting tolerance and understanding, unconditional love and acceptance. Some of its other emotional spiritual properties found on Aromatics International.
  • Strengthens ones healthy personal boundaries
  • Helps to avoid being influenced by negativity and tension
  • Emotionally cleansing 
  • Invigorating effects on the mind
  • Helps with concentration and mental fatigue
  • Sharpens awareness
  • Helps with feeling mentally distressed

Balance and Boundaries
So now back to balance and boundaries and how hyssop might benefit us. Read More…

When Trauma Interferes With Life

Trauma is something that most of us have experienced. Although it can be of a physical nature (accident, abuse, surgery), all trauma has an emotional component. And mucking around in it usually makes us feel worse. Even though we instinctively deal with traumatic events when they arise and do the best we can, we may require assistance. It is always good to get support from friends, but for the deeper work, aromatherapy is a perfect ally. The use of gentle remedies can help release the trauma from our cellular memory, integrate past events, and free us from triggers.

We offer three remedies to assist you. Read More…

Blending with Intention

Liquid chocolate
The movie "Like Water for Chocolate" was not only an enjoyable movie for me to watch, but it really reinforced what I've always believed—how easy it is to transfer our emotions, both negative and positive, into things that we are creating. Have you every made one of your favorite food recipes and had it turn out absolutely horrible because you were rushing or in a bad mood? I have! And believe me, it doesn't help your mood when the recipe doesn't turn out, especially if you are cooking for a special occasion.

For me, the same has always held true for blending in aromatherapy. I will be the first to admit that having chronic Lyme disease can affect my emotional stability. Since that is quite difficult to avoid, I have instinctively chosen to not make essential oil blends when I am not at my best emotionally. When I do blend, I do so with honor and intention often praying for the person I am making the blend for while I am blending. I also hold the blend(s) in my hands before shipping them, filling them with my intention for healing for this client. I infuse everything I make with love. And my clients feel it. But let me pause for a moment to share with you how I got to this place. Read More…

Essential Oil Highlight: Thyme Benchmark (Thymus zygis Loefl L.)

Deer tick
After introducing this wonderful essential oil, all my symptoms from Chronic Lyme disease are finally clearing!

Thyme (Benchmark) essential oil is helping me get rid of Lyme disease! I use it in a lotion along with a few other essential oils and am blown away at how much better I feel. If you are feeling ill, I am confident this will help you also.

Let me tell you a very short version of my story. I contracted Lyme disease somewhere in the 90's. Just like so many others, I never knew I had been bitten. To tell you the truth, I never felt any of the beginning symptoms. What I did experience closer to the year of 2000 was insomnia and emotional instability. I just thought that I was working through something. Then this happened in October 2013!
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Essential Oil Highlight: Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis ct verbenone)

Rosemary in a bowl
Using Rosemary Essential Oil: A Quick Change in Perspective

I had a very profound experience that fits in perfectly with our March newsletter and wanted to share it with you. As many of you know, I make my own herbal infused shampoo which I also sell. I had recently made a new bottle for myself but hadn’t taken the time to add the essential oils. When I went to reach for my usually bottle of Rosemary, I discovered that I had run out. So I grabbed a bottle of Rosemary essential oil which was a different chemotype (having different chemical components) and took a whiff. It was heaven! I couldn't stop smelling it! I even confessed to Kevin that I had found another love and held up the bottle of Rosemary ct verbenone. I added 25 drops to my shampoo, jumped in the shower and started washing my hair. Here's what happened! Read More…

Essential Oil Highlight: Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)

Lime slices with Spring background
The Magic of Lime

What I love about working with essential oils is the relationship that happens between you and the oils over time. This relationship is very exciting as you learn the magic of the oils and all the things they can assist you with. It's like becoming close friends with someone who just moved into your neighborhood. There is an instant attraction for some reason, and the more you get to know the person, the more you learn why you were attracted to them in the first place. They are full of surprises and experiences you love hearing about and that enriches your life.

We are all attracted to different aromas. My favorite aroma, hands down, is peppermint. But I also have a very strong love affair with lime. Read More…

More on Blending

Essential oil drop
Hello Friends!

Kevin and I work with essential oils more and more every day. We now have three diffusers in different areas of our home, so we are always trying new combinations of essential oils. We also spend most days creating custom blends for our clients. And more recently have been very busy formulating custom energy mists which address emotional/physical imbalances that are stuck in the energetic/auric field. Very exciting work!

When we began our journey in aromatherapy, many of our blends focused on the therapeutic and emotional/energetic properties with less concern on the final aroma. Our new area of focus is making blends that smell nice, work well for their intended use, and hold their aroma in the most balanced way possible.

I have written a couple of articles about top, middle, and base note essential oils in the past and wanted to add a few more comments. Read More…

Essential Oil Highlight: Rock Rose (Cistus ladaniferus)

Many months ago while "window shopping" on Aromatics International's site, I came across Rock Rose essential oil. I knew Rock Rose was one of the flower essences found in the Bach Rescue Remedy, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it could also be found in an essential oil form. Of course, I bought it immediately and even held off making blends that I thought would benefit from it until the oil arrived.

I never gave much thought to using Rock Rose personally. Then I had a very challenging drama/trauma day. I was so taken by surprise, I didn't know what to do to find balance. Then I remembered Rock Rose and remembered Aromatics saying it's good for shocks and traumas. Read More…

Product Highlight: Comfrey & Calendula Salve

Ever since the FDA required warnings about the internal use of comfrey, it seems to be fading from the eyes of a lot of the herbal and skin care community. We started using comfrey more than 20 years ago, and it remains one of our favorites. We still use it in our practice, but mainly for external use only.

I personally have used it for skin care for years. When the skin part of my Lyme disease was the worst, I slathered comfrey salve on my legs daily to get relief. Lately, I have been having some sort of lip condition, so I use the salve we make to help heal my lips.

Comfrey is one of the best wound healing herbs. This can be internal also, although no longer recommended. I can remember when my grandmother, in her nineties, would always have a patch of comfrey growing in the garden, much to my father's dismay. She had a knack for knowing just what to eat in nature to "set her body right”. Every once in a while, she would cook up a batch of comfrey and eat it as we would kale or other greens. My father would call me in a panic, but I would assure him that in her mid nineties, she knew what her body needed. Read More…

Product Highlight: I Feel Better Balms for Acute & Chronic Trauma

More and more people are coming forward and speaking of the trauma in their lives. I think that it is safe to say that each of us has personally experienced trauma or knows of someone who has experienced trauma. I had a "for a season" friend whose husband had been tortured somewhere in the middle east. I met her while I was healing of PTSD that I developed in 2006 when I lost so many people dear to me in such a short period of time. One of these people was my father who was killed in an auto accident. He died before I even knew that he had been in an accident. No one called me even though my business card (with the same last name) was right next to his drivers license in his wallet.

So many of us have stories like this.

When a person first experiences a traumatic event, they tend to keep talking about the event running the scenario through their minds. They keep trying to make sense of the shocking experience that they have just been through. Their mind whirls.
Read More…
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