Blending with Intention

Liquid chocolate
The movie "Like Water for Chocolate" was not only an enjoyable movie for me to watch, but it really reinforced what I've always believed—how easy it is to transfer our emotions, both negative and positive, into things that we are creating. Have you every made one of your favorite food recipes and had it turn out absolutely horrible because you were rushing or in a bad mood? I have! And believe me, it doesn't help your mood when the recipe doesn't turn out, especially if you are cooking for a special occasion.

For me, the same has always held true for blending in aromatherapy. I will be the first to admit that having chronic Lyme disease can affect my emotional stability. Since that is quite difficult to avoid, I have instinctively chosen to not make essential oil blends when I am not at my best emotionally. When I do blend, I do so with honor and intention often praying for the person I am making the blend for while I am blending. I also hold the blend(s) in my hands before shipping them, filling them with my intention for healing for this client. I infuse everything I make with love. And my clients feel it. But let me pause for a moment to share with you how I got to this place. Read Moreā€¦
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