More on Blending

Essential oil drop
Hello Friends!

Kevin and I work with essential oils more and more every day. We now have three diffusers in different areas of our home, so we are always trying new combinations of essential oils. We also spend most days creating custom blends for our clients. And more recently have been very busy formulating custom energy mists which address emotional/physical imbalances that are stuck in the energetic/auric field. Very exciting work!

When we began our journey in aromatherapy, many of our blends focused on the therapeutic and emotional/energetic properties with less concern on the final aroma. Our new area of focus is making blends that smell nice, work well for their intended use, and hold their aroma in the most balanced way possible.

I have written a couple of articles about top, middle, and base note essential oils in the past and wanted to add a few more comments. Read Moreā€¦
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