Product Highlight: Comfrey & Calendula Salve

Ever since the FDA required warnings about the internal use of comfrey, it seems to be fading from the eyes of a lot of the herbal and skin care community. We started using comfrey more than 20 years ago, and it remains one of our favorites. We still use it in our practice, but mainly for external use only.

I personally have used it for skin care for years. When the skin part of my Lyme disease was the worst, I slathered comfrey salve on my legs daily to get relief. Lately, I have been having some sort of lip condition, so I use the salve we make to help heal my lips.

Comfrey is one of the best wound healing herbs. This can be internal also, although no longer recommended. I can remember when my grandmother, in her nineties, would always have a patch of comfrey growing in the garden, much to my father's dismay. She had a knack for knowing just what to eat in nature to "set her body right”. Every once in a while, she would cook up a batch of comfrey and eat it as we would kale or other greens. My father would call me in a panic, but I would assure him that in her mid nineties, she knew what her body needed. Read More…

Product Highlight: I Feel Better Balms for Acute & Chronic Trauma

More and more people are coming forward and speaking of the trauma in their lives. I think that it is safe to say that each of us has personally experienced trauma or knows of someone who has experienced trauma. I had a "for a season" friend whose husband had been tortured somewhere in the middle east. I met her while I was healing of PTSD that I developed in 2006 when I lost so many people dear to me in such a short period of time. One of these people was my father who was killed in an auto accident. He died before I even knew that he had been in an accident. No one called me even though my business card (with the same last name) was right next to his drivers license in his wallet.

So many of us have stories like this.

When a person first experiences a traumatic event, they tend to keep talking about the event running the scenario through their minds. They keep trying to make sense of the shocking experience that they have just been through. Their mind whirls.
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