Essential Oil Highlight: Agarwood (Aquilaria crassna)

Guest Post by Mary Elizabeth

As I saw the posting about agarwood oil, on the Essentials for Healing Facebook page, I began to read more about this intriguing oil. My findings kept me more intrigued and I just had to try it out. What I have found is that this ancient healing oil comes from Asia, and is prized for its many aspects of graceful healing.

You see, the oil of the Agarwood tree, which is used for many healing modalities, is created from the part of the tree that has first been damaged, infected, and the reaction is, that the tree, in order to protect itself, creates a resin. As the damaged living tree becomes susceptible to infections of molds, viruses and bacteria, from the damage, the tree produces a resin in order to heal itself, or to protect the rest of the tree from becoming sick. It is this part of the tree that has produced the resin that is used to produce the agarwood oil. It brings to mind, the doctrine of signatures that I’ve studied in herbalism.

The prized characteristics of agarwood oil are many. It has been used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive, an aphrodisiac, perfume, an analgesic, a tonic, anti-stress, anti-asthmatic, antimicrobial, as a diuretic, a psychoactive, as an antioxidant, and as a digestive aid. It has even been known and used to combat MRSA. That covers a multitude! It has also been prized and used in many religions. It is mentioned in the Bible in Genesis, as the only tree that Adam and Eve could take cuttings from, and also, used in the burial of Jesus. The tree has also been referred to as aloeswood. Buddha used incense of agarwood to help reach nirvana. The incense of this prized wood and oil has been used in the rituals of many of the world’s religions. It is one of the most prized oils for perfume and is stated to be the most effective aphrodisiac.

When I learned all of this, I became very curious and excited to try some of this agarwood oil. With all of its uses, no wonder it is considered sacred.
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