Aroma Chemistry

We talk about essential oils helping us relax or helping us with a cold, but essential oils are actually a group of chemical components. All essential oils will be classed based on which chemical components are the highest within that particular oil. Determining how an essential oil will be most effectively used depends on which chemical components are found within that oil.

Although listing the different chemical components would be hugely boring for you, I was excited when I learned that certain chemical components assist in helping the body build more white blood cells, other chemical components have anti-tumoral properties, while others might have antihistamine or anti-anxiety properties. This has opened a whole new world for me.

Linalool is just one of the many chemical components found in Lavender. The therapeutic properties of linalool include airborne antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antianxiety, antibacterial, anticonvulsant, antifungal (candida), antioxidant, antispasmodic, antitumoral, antiviral, hypotensive, sedative. Lavender has somewhere around 28 different main chemical components. How cool is that? And welcome to our new world of study. Amazing!


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