Blending with Intention

Aromatherapy blending with intention
The movie "Like Water for Chocolate" was not only an enjoyable movie for me to watch, but it really reinforced what I've always believed—how easy it is to transfer our emotions, both negative and positive, into things that we are creating. Have you every made one of your favorite food recipes and had it turn out absolutely horrible because you were rushing or in a bad mood? I have! And believe me, it doesn't help your mood when the recipe doesn't turn out, especially if you are cooking for a special occasion.

For me, the same has always held true for blending in aromatherapy. I will be the first to admit that having chronic Lyme disease can affect my emotional stability. Since that is quite difficult to avoid, I have instinctively chosen to not make essential oil blends when I am not at my best emotionally. When I do blend, I do so with honor and intention often praying for the person I am making the blend for while I am blending. I also hold the blend(s) in my hands before shipping them, filling them with my intention for healing for this client. I infuse everything I make with love. And my clients feel it. But let me pause for a moment to share with you how I got to this place.

Many years ago I went to school for massage therapy and Polarity (a type of energy work). I graduated and started my practice. As I began to get to know my clients, my sense of awe and honor for these precious people grew and grew. Just the honor of holding someone’s head in my hands blew me away. The gift of being able to increase the quality of someone's health while touching them must have resonated with that loving Italian in me.

Since my massage clients so often asked about herbs to help them with their health, I began to study herbal medicine and then BioEnergetic medicine. Both of these studies led me to wonderful worlds of many options. But as the years passed, and as the illnesses in clients become more complex, I knew I would need to explore yet another modality. I can distinctly remember the moment when "spirit" informed me that the next step in my life's journey of assisting others was to use essential oils. Within two weeks I was enrolled in Aromahead Institute and on this exciting journey of using the magic of essential oils to take my clients to an even deeper level of health.

Now, back to blending. Imagine my delighted surprise when many of the principals that I learned in the college of BioEnergetic medicine were also talked about in one of the books I had purchased for my aromatherapy library. I was especially fascinated by chapter 10 in the book "Aromatherapy for the Soul" by Valerie Ann Worwood. In this chapter she mentions that not only do essential oils both give and receive energy, but the vibration of the oil can be dramatically changed when it comes into contact with other energies. She uses the example of people. In this chapter she shares an experience that she had with a scientist who measures the frequency of essential oils using the measurement of megahertz (each megahertz equals one million oscillations per second) The oil used in this experiment was Rose. When the scientist measured the oil, it registered at 28 megahertz. When Valerie, after holding the bottle for a while, measured the same oil on the same machine, it measured at 202 megahertz! What a difference! For me, this information reinforces the importance and power of blending with intention.

Aromatherapy products in organza bag
In addition to blending with intention and love, I also like to include a final touch. I put my products in pretty organza bags, include a complimentary lip balm for new clients, and spray all of my invoices with a fine mist of an intentional aromatherapy spray. I make the spray just as I would a linen spray, so using your favorite recipe will work just fine. If you are like me and ship your blends all over the country, the aroma may not last, but the energetic properties and love will surely be felt!

Here are some comments that I have received (I need to get better at saving them!)

Thank you so much. It felt so good to get my package... it made me feel loved...

I received the beautiful aromatic assortment that you sent today. Believe me I could feel the energy of love flowing throughout the package. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time and energy in putting this together. All the balms worked instantly. I feel like I have risen in consciousness. I feel like God sent me a sacred package. This client sent us a card and a full page letter of appreciation.

Today my order arrived from Essentials for Healing. As soon as I opened the postal box a lovely aroma drifted into the air. The handmade products were carefully packaged. Beneath the green bubble wrap was a lovely silver swirl, net bag with a lavender draw string. Next to it was a hand written note from Sierra, the aromatherapist-intuit who made these healing products. She created such a heart felt, personal, receiving experience that I had to call her and thank her right away. I have a new daily ritual for healing thanks to Sierra…!!

The next time you choose to make a blend whether it be for yourself, a friend, a case study or a client, do so with intention. Like myself, you have chosen to take the precious essence of mother earth and use it to better the health of yourself or someone else you love. Why not give it your all? Reconsider blending in a rush just to meet a deadline. You probably will not get the results you want. Fall in love with your oils and all the magical things they can do. Learn the emotional/energetic/spiritual aspects of your oils. Essential oils are wonderful for removing the emotional bondage that often holds illness in place. Honor those who have come to you for help. Treat them well.

I remember attending a lecture on client/practitioner relationships in which the doctor presenting said that healing happens when the relationship is around 80% of the focus and 20% the actual remedies used. Imagine your effectiveness when combining therapeutic quality essential oils like those offered by Aromatics along with clear heart centered intention.

It all comes down to love. Love yourself for offering the gift of healing to both yourself and others, love the precious people who grace your life with their needs, and love your suppliers for all the effort they put into providing you with the purest, high quality oils available. Then step back and watch the magic unfold!

My favorite recipe for spraying on invoices, release forms and any paperwork involve In interacting with my clients.

Intentional aromatherapy mists
Blessing Mist
  • 4 oz PET plastic spray bottle
  • 2 ounces distilled water
  • 1.5 ounces vodka - to help disperse the oils
  • 0.5 ounces organic vanilla extract - vanilla oleoresin infused water can also be used
  • 25 drops Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) - clears energy, awakens and refreshes
  • 15 drops of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) - calms, soothes, nurtures
  • 10 drops Spearmint (Mentha spicata) - awakens, refreshes
Add the vanilla extract and vodka to the bottle. Next, add the essential oils. Fill bottle to neck with distilled water. Shake well.

To use, shake well and spray the air in front of you with your blend. Wave your invoice through the mist being careful not to get the invoice wet, and immediately seal it in your package. If you see clients in person, this spray is lovely to freshen the room between clients.

As personal note, I like to drop my essential oils in the vodka so the oils disperse a bit. For my nose it enhances the aroma and lessens the likelihood of leaving essential oil droplets on my invoices or other paperwork.

Enjoy the magic!


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