Blending with Intention

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The movie "Like Water for Chocolate" was not only an enjoyable movie for me to watch, but it really reinforced what I've always believed—how easy it is to transfer our emotions, both negative and positive, into things that we are creating. Have you every made one of your favorite food recipes and had it turn out absolutely horrible because you were rushing or in a bad mood? I have! And believe me, it doesn't help your mood when the recipe doesn't turn out, especially if you are cooking for a special occasion.

For me, the same has always held true for blending in aromatherapy. I will be the first to admit that having chronic Lyme disease can affect my emotional stability. Since that is quite difficult to avoid, I have instinctively chosen to not make essential oil blends when I am not at my best emotionally. When I do blend, I do so with honor and intention often praying for the person I am making the blend for while I am blending. I also hold the blend(s) in my hands before shipping them, filling them with my intention for healing for this client. I infuse everything I make with love. And my clients feel it. But let me pause for a moment to share with you how I got to this place. Read More…

More on Blending

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Hello Friends!

Kevin and I work with essential oils more and more every day. We now have three diffusers in different areas of our home, so we are always trying new combinations of essential oils. We also spend most days creating custom blends for our clients. And more recently have been very busy formulating custom energy mists which address emotional/physical imbalances that are stuck in the energetic/auric field. Very exciting work!

When we began our journey in aromatherapy, many of our blends focused on the therapeutic and emotional/energetic properties with less concern on the final aroma. Our new area of focus is making blends that smell nice, work well for their intended use, and hold their aroma in the most balanced way possible.

I have written a couple of articles about top, middle, and base note essential oils in the past and wanted to add a few more comments. Read More…

Aroma Chemistry

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We talk about essential oils helping us relax or helping us with a cold, but essential oils are actually a group of chemical components. All essential oils will be classed based on which chemical components are the highest within that particular oil. Determining how an essential oil will be most effectively used depends on which chemical components are found within that oil.

Although listing the different chemical components would be hugely boring for you, I was excited when I learned that certain chemical components assist in helping the body build more white blood cells, other chemical components have anti-tumoral properties, while others might have antihistamine or anti-anxiety properties. This has opened a whole new world for me. Read More…

Music to My Nose

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I just thought that I would share something that fascinated me when I first started studying essential oils. It was the fact that the aroma of each oil is classified by note. Some actually have 2 notes, but one will be prominent. The notes are called top, middle, and base. Pretty basic, but what that means is very interesting.

An essential oil which is classified as a top note has smaller molecules, absorbs into the skin faster, and also loses its scent faster. Examples of oils that are top notes include most of the citruses: orange, grapefruit (my all time favorite), lemon, etc. Read More…
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