When Trauma Interferes With Life

Trauma is something that most of us have experienced. Although it can be of a physical nature (accident, abuse, surgery), all trauma has an emotional component. And mucking around in it usually makes us feel worse. Even though we instinctively deal with traumatic events when they arise and do the best we can, we may require assistance. It is always good to get support from friends, but for the deeper work, aromatherapy is a perfect ally. The use of gentle remedies can help release the trauma from our cellular memory, integrate past events, and free us from triggers.

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Product Highlight: Comfrey & Calendula Salve

Ever since the FDA required warnings about the internal use of comfrey, it seems to be fading from the eyes of a lot of the herbal and skin care community. We started using comfrey more than 20 years ago, and it remains one of our favorites. We still use it in our practice, but mainly for external use only.

I personally have used it for skin care for years. When the skin part of my Lyme disease was the worst, I slathered comfrey salve on my legs daily to get relief. Lately, I have been having some sort of lip condition, so I use the salve we make to help heal my lips.

Comfrey is one of the best wound healing herbs. This can be internal also, although no longer recommended. I can remember when my grandmother, in her nineties, would always have a patch of comfrey growing in the garden, much to my father's dismay. She had a knack for knowing just what to eat in nature to "set her body right”. Every once in a while, she would cook up a batch of comfrey and eat it as we would kale or other greens. My father would call me in a panic, but I would assure him that in her mid nineties, she knew what her body needed. Read More…

Product Highlight: I Feel Better Balms for Acute & Chronic Trauma

More and more people are coming forward and speaking of the trauma in their lives. I think that it is safe to say that each of us has personally experienced trauma or knows of someone who has experienced trauma. I had a "for a season" friend whose husband had been tortured somewhere in the middle east. I met her while I was healing of PTSD that I developed in 2006 when I lost so many people dear to me in such a short period of time. One of these people was my father who was killed in an auto accident. He died before I even knew that he had been in an accident. No one called me even though my business card (with the same last name) was right next to his drivers license in his wallet.

So many of us have stories like this.

When a person first experiences a traumatic event, they tend to keep talking about the event running the scenario through their minds. They keep trying to make sense of the shocking experience that they have just been through. Their mind whirls.
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Product Highlight: Trauma Oil

Trauma Oil has been used topically for 20+ years for relief of pain mostly related to injury. It is very popular with aromatherapists and herbalists. Trauma Oil is a blend of herbal infused oils, usually containing Calendula, St John’s Wort, and Arnica in organic extra virgin olive oil.

Here are the benefits of each herb in this wonderful blend:
Arnica - helpful for pain, inflammation, healing of tissues
St John’s Wort - helpful for all types of nerve pain and sharp trauma to the body
Calendula - skin healing and nourishing, anti-inflammatory

We started our aromatherapy journey using the above combination. Later we found a different variation made by one of our favorite companies, Herbal Vitality (for licensed practitioners only). This company uses German Chamomile instead of Calendula in their Trauma Oil.
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Sierra's "Can't Do Withouts"

As my price list grows and grows, I thought that a quick critique of my own products would help! What do I use every day? What are my "would never live withouts"? Even though I can make anything I want, what do I use regularly?

1. My Herbal Infused Toner - I always have two bottles going so I never run out. I vary the herbs that I infuse to make the toner. I use more lubricating and skin nourishing herbs during the dry winter months. In the summer, I still use skin nourishing herbs but I always add peppermint herb to my mix for the refreshing, cooling effects that it brings. After washing my face with my favorite facial cleanser (varies), I use the toner generously on my face. At night before putting my night clothes on, I take a wet wash cloth and do a water sponge bath. I then follow with multiple generous sprays of toner on my entire body. It leaves me going to bed feeling refreshed, relaxed and with softer skin. I never go any part of the day without it.
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Product Highlight: I Feel Better Balm - Peace

The I Feel Better Balm just got better. I am not sure how many of you knew that I made one original version and then reformulated it. I used the first one daily from the start. I loved it! When I made the second reformulated one, I kept one for myself to try. I used both of these versions of the balm on a daily basis, alternating between the two. After a few months, I decided that I liked how I felt on the original recipe rather than the re-formulation. But I felt that I could make the original even better.

A few days ago I completed reformulating a third version containing Argarwood (Aquilaria crassna). Wow! My experience of the new one is amazing! This blend is deeply nourishing and uplifting, encourages emotional healing on all levels, supports the healing of old wounds, and provides clarity and tranquility. Due to the well balanced properties of this blend, any uncomfortable feelings that might come up in the healing process will be transient and pass quickly.
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Product Highlight: Reset & Rejuvenate Balm

Tranquil creek
Spring is here! But the weather can be challenging for us emotionally and physically. The weather gets warm and we are loving being outside in comfort. Then the weather turns cool again, and we find ourselves looking out our windows with longing, waiting for the next stretch of warm weather. Cabin fever and restlessness set in.

There are things happening inside our physical bodies during this time of year also. This is the time that our body really want to cleanse and get rid of heat, dampness and other things from the winter. Our sleep may be affected as we adjust to the time change leaving us feeling tired. Tempers may flare a bit more easily if we have not been tonifying during the winter. In essence, for some if us, life catches up with us.

I was talking to a client who is a mother with very active children. She was busy beyond belief and was exhausted. As she told me a brief outline of her life, I told her, “Let me make a remedy for you!" It took me around a month or two of studying the oils and even ordering some new ones until I came up with the formula. I call it Reset and Rejuvenate.
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