Essential Oil Highlight: Frankincense Sacra (Boswellia sacra)

Frankincense Sacra Oil
Frankincense sacra is a different species of the more common Frankincense carterii but has many of the same healing properties. Frankincense sacra is distilled from the Royal houjri resin and is very rare. This resin is crystalline with a touch of green and is so beautiful! The resin itself looks sacred. This oil has a higher vibration than the other species of Frankincense.

I really like a drop or two of either species of Frankincense in my skin care products, especially my facial care ones. It’s a very good oil for dry, aging skin. It can be calming for our nervous system as well as our lungs inviting us to breath more deeply. It's also good for restless leg as well as tension headaches. Frankincense in general, encourages emotional healing on all levels.

When I was purchasing my oils to begin aromatherapy school and saw this oil available, I could feel the sacredness of the oil. I had already done some studying about Frankincense in general. It has been using it since before Bible time and there are many of us who believe that it has almost become a part of our DNA on an energetic/spiritual level. Our bodies definitely recognize it.

I use Frankincense sacra in many of my emotional remedies. We all want to feel better and rise above what is in our healing path. In some of my clients with a very spiritual focus, I will use this species in place of the more commonly used Frankincense carterii. I have made a sacred perfume with this as the primary essential oil. This perfume was inspired by the path that a sacred oil such as this invites us to follow.

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