Product Highlight: I Feel Better Balm - Peace

The I Feel Better Balm just got better. I am not sure how many of you knew that I made one original version and then reformulated it. I used the first one daily from the start. I loved it! When I made the second reformulated one, I kept one for myself to try. I used both of these versions of the balm on a daily basis, alternating between the two. After a few months, I decided that I liked how I felt on the original recipe rather than the re-formulation. But I felt that I could make the original even better.

A few days ago I completed reformulating a third version containing Argarwood (Aquilaria crassna). Wow! My experience of the new one is amazing! This blend is deeply nourishing and uplifting, encourages emotional healing on all levels, supports the healing of old wounds, and provides clarity and tranquility. Due to the well balanced properties of this blend, any uncomfortable feelings that might come up in the healing process will be transient and pass quickly.

Use this blend to easily move through old patterns of thought that no longer serve you, to heal any buried negative emotions (which very often result is disease) and as a part of becoming a more grounded, clear, confident you.

My personal experience with this new formulation was WOW! When I applied it to my sacral area and wrist and felt and immediate but slight movement of my energy. I felt stronger within myself. Then about a half hour later it really hit. I had woken up that morning not feeling all that great, both physically and emotionally. All of a sudden I felt fine which quickly turned into great!

Within an hour of making and applying the balm just once, we left to spend the afternoon with Kevin's brother and sister-in-law who were staying nearby on their way north. For my entire life I have not been one to visit people and chat. No matter how much I love them, I get fidgety and start watching the clock. This never happened. We visited for somewhere between two and two and a half hours. I didn’t get fidgety and didn't watch the clock. Even when we stayed longer than expected, I didn't get rattled about supper being later leaving no time for studies. Nothing bothered me. As I was getting ready for bed, a very sticky negative thought came to mind. Rather than get upset by it, which had been happening for about a day prior, I told myself, "Well, that's no worth getting upset about!” and I immediately dropped it. That was a good 8 hours after my single application!

I would invite you to try this salve. It is truly amazing!


Please note: Due to the presence of a specific chemical component in one oil, this particular salve is not to be used if you are taking medication.

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