Product Highlight: Reset & Rejuvenate Balm

Reset and Rejuvenate Balm
Spring is here! But the weather can be challenging for us emotionally and physically. The weather gets warm and we are loving being outside in comfort. Then the weather turns cool again, and we find ourselves looking out our windows with longing, waiting for the next stretch of warm weather. Cabin fever and restlessness set in.

There are things happening inside our physical bodies during this time of year also. This is the time that our body really want to cleanse and get rid of heat, dampness and other things from the winter. Our sleep may be affected as we adjust to the time change leaving us feeling tired. Tempers may flare a bit more easily if we have not been tonifying during the winter. In essence, for some if us, life catches up with us.

I was talking to a client who is a mother with very active children. She was busy beyond belief and was exhausted. As she told me a brief outline of her life, I told her, “Let me make a remedy for you!" It took me around a month or two of studying the oils and even ordering some new ones until I came up with the formula. I call it Reset and Rejuvenate.

This blend includes oils containing so many wonderful therapeutic and emotional/energetic properties. These are some of my favorite bullet points of what the chemical components from the oils in this blend do. They encourage the ability to relax and are helpful for those who over think or are impatient. They are also helpful for stress and fatigue and they help you stand your ground and find your sense of inner strength. The chemical components also help clear your mind, aid in concentration, soothe exhaustion and are a tonic for the nervous system. There are more: increases inner focus and inner peace, helpful for mood swings, increases strength and endurance during difficult times, and encourages the ability to hold steady.

So what does all this have to do with the season change? It is my belief that this new remedy along with the Happy Liver Salve just might be a good jumping off place for your physical and emotional health to become more cleared and supported, thus enabling you to enjoy the new season.

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