Sierra's "Can't Do Withouts"

As my price list grows and grows, I thought that a quick critique of my own products would help! What do I use every day? What are my "would never live withouts"? Even though I can make anything I want, what do I use regularly?

1. My Herbal Infused Toner - I always have two bottles going so I never run out. I vary the herbs that I infuse to make the toner. I use more lubricating and skin nourishing herbs during the dry winter months. In the summer, I still use skin nourishing herbs but I always add peppermint herb to my mix for the refreshing, cooling effects that it brings. After washing my face with my favorite facial cleanser (varies), I use the toner generously on my face. At night before putting my night clothes on, I take a wet wash cloth and do a water sponge bath. I then follow with multiple generous sprays of toner on my entire body. It leaves me going to bed feeling refreshed, relaxed and with softer skin. I never go any part of the day without it.

2. Lemon Soufflé Body Wash - For some reason I sell very little of this product. Personally, I love it so much that I use it daily in my morning bath. The poppy seeds feel so invigorating, and the Rosemary and Lemon essential oils boost that feeling. After I rinse it off, my skin is incredibly soft. It’s so wonderful! I won’t t bathe without it.

3. Facial Mask - I actually do a mask every other day. I rotate types but can see the difference if I don't. It leaves my face feeling so soft and nourished! My pores stay small and clean. And my overall skin texture is smoother and younger looking.

4. I Feel Better Balm - I use this daily and, if I am feeling any negative emotion, hourly. With the help of this balm, I’m able to weather the ups and downs of daily living more smoothly. The I Feel Better Balm has become an evolving series to address various emotional/energetic states. I vary my balm depending on my emotional/spiritual needs.

5. Anger / Forgiveness Belly Rub - I use this daily just to help me keep my heart open and less likely to judge my circumstances.

6. Wise Woman Balance Balm - With the weight variation that happens with Lyme disease, I have a hard time keeping my hormones balanced. I love that I can manage the amount of support based on how I feel on any given day. This balm goes hand in hand with the Adrenal Balance Balm providing a more comprehensive approach to hormone & stress balancing. I won’t use one without the other.

7. Adrenal Balance Balm - I really love this! Going to school, managing my Lyme disease, and running two businesses can be quite stressful at times. This balm is so nourishing to the adrenals! I find that I’m less affected by stress when I use it. I sleep better too.

Then there are the basics that we always have on hand just in case.
- I always have various belly rubs on hand (abdominal cramps, constipation, bye bye gas, insomnia blend)
- I Feel Horrible Bath Salts along with an Immune System Inhaler
- Natural Hand Sanitizer
- Natural Insect Repellant
- Itch Sticks for when those bugs get you anyway.
- Lip Balms (various scents)
- First Aid Salve
- Various inhalers for stress, headaches, nausea, etc.

Things I use daily but change the recipe to make it relevant to the time of year include my facial moisturizers, face and body washes, and linen sprays (never make the bed without it). Watch for an upcoming blog article detailing my personal skin care favorites.

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