When Trauma Interferes With Life

Trauma is something that most of us have experienced. Although it can be of a physical nature (accident, abuse, surgery), all trauma has an emotional component. For those of us who are baby boomers, it was never talked about much. Now, people are less likely to feel ashamed to admit that they have been affected by trauma. If you ask me, this is a good thing. When we keep trauma bottled up or suppressed, it usually affects the way we interact with the world. We can develop what I call "trauma brain". If we have not processed or dealt with the emotional aspects of our trauma, similar situations may trigger the original traumatic event so that we continue to respond as if we are still in a traumatic environment even if we are not.

While most of us have experienced trauma in one way or another, mucking around in it usually makes us feel worse. Even though we instinctively deal with traumatic events when they arise and do the best we can, we may require assistance. It is always good to get support from friends, but for the deeper work, aromatherapy is a perfect ally. The use of gentle remedies can help release the trauma from our cellular memory, integrate past events, and free us from triggers.

We offer three remedies to assist you.
  • Our Unify Roll-on Perfume helps with bringing the fragmented parts of ourselves back together again.
  • Our I Feel Better Balm: Release (for those who have had chronic trauma in their lives) helps to release the cellular memories of past events so that we regain our self-worth and true self awareness.
  • Our I Feel Better Balm: Soothe (for those who are dealing with a more immediate type of shock or trauma such as the death of a loved one, an auto accident, a break up in a relationship, or even a bad fight in a relationship) invites us to integrate the event into our being allowing us to safely open our hearts again, releasing the fear that the event has brought forth, and making room for the event to enrich our lives.

We have sold a quite a few batches of the Release and Soothe, and while the Unify perfume is new, people are experiencing some amazing results.

Don't let past traumas affect your present moment or the rest of your life. Take some sort of action that gives you your life back! We're here to help.


Learn how to make the Unify Roll-on Perfume and download a copy of the recipe.

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