I Feel Better Balm Series

Click on the any of the balms below to read about the emotional and energetic properties of each balm. Or view/download a printable chart.
  • I Feel Better Balm: Confidence

    • promotes strong self image
    • increases strength and endurance
    • supports confidence in difficult times
    • releases any strong thoughts and emotions that overwhelm the mind
    • invites us to stand strong and steady in who we are with a clear mind making it possible to step into the true flow of life and all the possibilities it holds
    • use with Harmony when interacting with people who intimidate us
    works well with Calm, Harmony, Peace (or Steady)
  • I Feel Better Balm: Harmony

    • calms and nourishes the heart
    • restores a sense of wellbeing and compassion
    • increases our ability for self love and nurturing
    • invites a feeling of safety and security
    • warms a soul grown cold due to hurt restoring the trust and making it possible to love again
    • helpful for those who are self restrained and emotionally inhibited
    • helpful for those who find it difficult to be vulnerable due to lack of confidence in themselves
    • helpful for those afraid of being absorbed and loosing their self identity
    works well with Confidence, Peace (or Steady), Release
  • I Feel Better Balm: Protected

    • designed for those who are energetically affected by others (most everyone)
    • promotes overall energetic protection
    • protects against negative energy outside of ourselves
    • encourages the release of absorbed, stagnant negative energy within our energy field thus easing fatigue, low energy, depression, weakness, and fear of interaction with people and places
    • reduces irritation and aggressive behavior
    • encourages acceptance and inner unity
    • strongly suggested when going into public places and gatherings
    works well with Confidence, Harmony, Peace (or Steady)
  • I Feel Better Balm: Peace

    • emotionally healing on all levels
    • quiets and focuses the mind
    • deeply nourishing
    • heals old emotional wounds
    • emotionally balancing and calming
    • reduces tension and depression
    • uplifting
    • exudes happy, outward energy in a grounded way
    WARNING - not to be used with medication; use Steady instead

    works well with any
  • I Feel Better Balm: Steady

    • emotionally uplifting and stabilizing
    • supports transformation
    • helps broaden our perspective making us less reactive
    • encourages emotional healing on all levels
    • supports focused attention and tranquility
    • grounding yet expansive
    • cleansing therefore reducing tension and negative emotion leaving one in a grounded, happy state
    • use when Peace is not applicable due to medications
    works well with any
  • I Feel Better Balm: Release

    • releases chronic trauma
    • helps heal old emotional wounds
    • gently releases emotional trauma in a supported, confident, strengthening way
    • addresses emotions that accompany trauma leaving the person grounded and connected with their authentic self
    works well with Confidence, Harmony, Peace (or Steady)
  • I Feel Better Balm: Soothe

    • helpful for acute trauma (shock, grief, fights, accidents)
    • gently releases the intense, cycling thoughts and emotions that accompany a recent traumatic event leaving one feeling safe, emotionally restored, and with a more peaceful heart
    • pairing with Harmony is strongly suggested if in committed relationship
    works well with Calm, Harmony, Release, Peace (or Steady)
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